Very suitable for multiple owners, wedding location, B&B, rental accommodation.
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Tuscan Country House

When you walk in, you smell and feel the history of Tuscan ancient life in this former noble country villa.

With the old family coat of arms still on the wall and many original elements from past centuries.Located in the middle of the valley among meadows, vineyards and fruit trees, with fantastic open views all around.

The main building is approximately 870 sqm in total and officially divided into 5 units.

This means it can be sold to different family members/friends to create a joint Borgo and jointly do maintenance such as the swimming pool, etc.

For example, one can own a house relatively cheaply in the Tuscan landscape with very low maintenance costs. The new owner(s) can also open a B&B here or rent out units, apartments, studio rooms, etc.

The outbuildings together measure approximately 200 sqm. And can be removed and new houses built in their place. In total, several apartments can be realized or smaller units for rental.

These 200 square meters can also be sold to third parties for approximately €50 thousand euros to rebuild this meter elsewhere in the municipality of Arezzo.

*) Many original parts inside and outside, such as the family coat of arms, the old fireplaces, construction parts, floors, etc.

*) Roof partly renovated and partly needs attention.

*) The enclosed garden is approximately 4000-5000 square meters. If you want, you can buy more land/meadows around it.

*) There are three wells on the property.

*) It is probably possible to realize a swimming pool,

*) Needs to be (partially) renovated. Several parts are in good condition and need an upgrade. Other parts need renovation. This depends on the new owner and the purpose of the purchase. For private use an upgrade is sufficient, for business accommodation it must be renovated.

Selling price:

1) Without the number of outbuildings 200 square meters, the sales price is € 300,000. This means that the outbuildings must be demolished and cannot be rebuilt.

2) The total property, as described in the land registry: € 350,000. This means that all outbuildings remain in deal and can possibly be renovated/rebuilt into residential units.


Ground floor:
Several entrances on all sides to several spacious rooms. These areas can be used for communal purposes such as groups, parties, etc. and several wine cellars. It is also possible to realize residential units on the ground floor.

The first floor:
Can be reached via various entrances. It is very spacious and currently almost everything is connected to each other and at the same time there are several (4-5) independent living units.​ Kitchens and bathrooms need to be renovated.

The attic floor​/ second floor:
Can be reached via two different entrances. Several accommodation units can be realized here.

The last approximately 800 meters to the villa is a dirt road and that is also the walking distance to the first bus stop.

The enclosed garden surrounding the property is approximately 4000 sqm.


General ameneties

Please note, this may not be the properties exact location due to security reasons.

Distances & airports

Within 2.5 km are the first eminences and the train station can be reached in Giovi-Ponte alla Chiassa and Località Chiassa Superiore.

The old center of Arezzo 8 km,

Arezzo international train station 9 km,

Florence International Airport 95 km

Pisa International Airport 160 km

Bologna International Airport 185 km

Rome Ciampino International Airport 235 km,

Rome-Fiumicino International Airport 256 km,

Additional & regional information

The current situation of the property:
The general condition is fair to moderate.
The property has not been inhabited for years and has been partly renovated in the past (such as the roof).
There is a lot of optical work to be done both indoors and outdoors.
Some parts need to be thoroughly tackled, such as the kitchens and bathrooms.

The habitable part of the family was on the first floor and this can practically be quickly restored and occupied.

If the new owner also wants to use the second floor/attic; then a new layout is required and the realization of utilities for the bathrooms and kitchens.

The ground floor has always been used for storage, various wine cellars, stables for animals, etc. This floor is still in its original state and can be transformed into whatever the new owners plan; residential units, meeting rooms, for groups, etc.

The outbuildings are in poor condition.