Live Showing



Creating a live showing is now easier and more affordable than ever.

We at House For Sale Tuscany want to relieve you of these uncertainties as an international buyer, thus we have started a pleasant method to save you time and money, with introducing Live Tour Viewing!

This way you can visit your Tuscan dream house with us live, in person, from the comfort of your current location.

How to get all the information you need: By telephone, a Skype call, Zoom, or Facetime.

Of course, this is without further obligation. No strings attached.

The online live showing:
If you are interested in viewing a house or several houses LIVE, we will explore the possibilities to realize this working method: please let us know

Live Viewing costs:

The costs vary per property. A standard house with a garden is completely different from a Bed and Breakfast with 20 rooms, bathrooms and various outbuildings. The distances are also different.

We mainly work in Tuscany but can also go to other regions.

We charge € 1.50 per kilometre. Our starting point is always from Arezzo.

The costs of a Live viewing start from € 250.00 and maximum of € 2,500 excluding 22% VAT and the driven amount of kilometers.

When you subsequently purchase the property in question, and only when purchased, will you be refunded the paid amount.


  • You can view the properties from where you live.
  • If a property appeals to you, you can put it on your wish list to actually view it in person later.
  • Saves a lot of unnecessary costs and time spent.
  • Provides more than 85% of the real image of the property on the inside and outside,
  • Live communication
  • You can view the property multiple times and ask all your questions,
  • View the environment of the property such as garden, view, neighbours, infrastructure, etc.
  • List the interesting properties and view them later, which saves you a lot of worries, driving or travelling long distances, investing a lot of time, and savings of costs.
  • Save time to continue enjoying your time in Tuscany.

Duration of a live viewing:
It varies how long a viewing will take. On average, 1.5 hours is definitely needed to view a standard house and the surroundings, pool, outbuildings, etc.

Would you like to view a house live?
1. Go to the listing
2. Check the box “Online House Viewing” on the right side of the screen.
3. Enter your name, telephone number, email address and all your questions, and hit send.

We will contact you as soon as possible.

Spoken languages:
English, Dutch, Aramaic and Arabic.

General information request: click here

A very persistent issue is the internet connection throughout Italy, if the connection is not optimal, we won’t be able to realize a live tour. If it turns out that it is possible, we will schedule an appointment when we will realize the live viewing.