Fee & Costs



Our agency fee is 3.5% + 22% VAT of the purchasing price or a minimum fee of € 4500 + 22% VAT.

It is self-evident that a good personal conversation is essential. This is due to efficiency in time and costs.

*) Applying for an Italian social tax number (codice fiscale) at the local tax authorities.
*) Comprehensive guidance during the viewings in different languages, if applicable.
*) Start negotiations with the seller on your behalf, doing our best to ensure both parties will be satisfied.
*) Taking care of the bid contract “PROPOSTA D’ACQUISITO” in Italian and possibly having it translated into your language. All your wishes and conditions are included and recorded in the contract (resolutive conditions). We can translate this contract, but without the translation holding any value on behalf of the law. If you would like the contract translated officially by a certified translator, costs are involved on your behalf.
*) Organizing the “compromesso” for business purchases.
*) Having a geometra gather all building permits and check the land borders at the municipality and the land registry.
*) Organizing the appointment at the notary and schedule a sworn interpreter for translating the transfer contract.
*) Arranging that all documents, contracts, permits, etc. are delivered to the notary and supervising the preparation of the transfer contract together with the notary. The Notary will also find out whether mortgages, loans or debts are based on the property.
*) Requesting and delivering the registered title deed for the new owner.



Regrettably, due to what our team would describe as “Real Estate Tourism” we have had to introduce two house rules. Think of futile buyers wanting to see several properties, to never be heard from again. This is a great waste of time and resources for our team, hence why:

We offer up to 3 viewings free of charge, if our clients wish to tour more properties, they shall be charged € 75 per extra property tour – which is to be paid ahead of time.

Our clients do not enter into an exclusive contract and are free to tour properties with other agents.

Upon purchase of a property with HouseForSaleTuscany the amount paid for extra viewings shall be reimbursed within 2 months or deducted from our Agency Fee.

The amount is non-refundable upon cancellation.

*) Luxury Properties: Due to “Real Estate Tourism” we require proof of funds to tour properties with a listing price above one million euros. Either in the forms of a bank statement, portfolio overview or letter of intent.



*) Italian VAT number (partita IVA) in case you purchase as a company, to register with the local tax authorities.
*) Scheduling an appointment to open an Italian bank account, to handle all your financial affairs during the buying process and later for personal use.
*) Arranging an Italian mobile phone account to organize bank payments online.
*) After purchase we take care of your registration with the municipality as a new owner and possibly residential registration.
*) Registering and changing the utilities (water, gas, electricity, etc.) in your name, which is quite a hassle.
*) Helping the owner find the right home insurance policy.



Visit your dream house live, from the comfort of your current location.

*) You can view the properties from where you live,
*) If a property appeals to you, you can put it on your wish list to actually view it in person later,
*) Saves a lot of unnecessary costs and time spent,
*) Provides more than 85% of the real image of the property on the inside and outside,
*) Live communication,
*) You can view the property multiple times and ask all your questions,
*) View the environment of the property such as garden, view, neighbours, infrastructure, etc.
*) List the interesting properties and view them later, which saves you a lot of worries, driving or travelling long distances, investing a lot of time, and savings of costs,
*) Save time to continue enjoying your time in Tuscany.



The costs of these services will be discussed with you in advance and can vary,

*) Starting your own company for example an agriturismo or Bed and Breakfast,
*) Renovation of the property,
*) Increasing or expanding the property,
*) New construction,
*) Relaying a swimming pool,
*) Maintenance of the pool,
*) Maintenance of the garden,
*) Maintenance of the central heating and chimneys,
*) Maintenance of the private road,
*) Transport from Florence or Pisa airport to your residence address in Arezzo and direct area,
*) Arrange a suitable accommodation where you can stay during house hunting,
*) For Dutch people: It is also possible to arrange airline tickets and fly with you from the Netherlands and back.


The information in this brochure and publication and email is compiled with the greatest care, nevertheless no rights may be derived from this information and attachments.