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From start to finish, hassle-free and a transparent purchasing process

At House For Sale Tuscany, we believe that proper guidance during the buying process is essential, as for which we developed our own method after gathering extensive insider knowledge in the Tuscan market. Listing below we mention some of the things we do during the buying process, extensively guiding you through the process step by step.

We arrange all the necessary documents to buy a house in Italy.

We arrange and guide the buyer during the buying process and the negotiations.

We always represent the interests of the buying party.

We thoroughly check the property, especially all the rights and obligations that rest on the property, so our buyers have no worries later on. For example, if dealing with several owners, banks, notaries, mortgages, the neighbours’ rights, etc.

We perform an analysis with the municipality and country registry, to make sure all the building permits are present, and no illegal buildings reside on the property.

We have clear agreements with our own Notary in Arezzo to conduct an extra thorough check of every property that we sell internationally as a second safety measure for both parties.

We are one of the only brokers that can guarantee the security of your payment. All payments are arranged through the notary and not through all sorts of strange constructions between buyer / seller / brokers. Our buyers are sure of all payments and that the money is safe at the notaries’ trust account until all the documents have been arranged and signed. Most brokers in the area use all sorts of odd constructions between buyers and sellers, making the transaction and title transfer very vulnerable to failure.

We are present at the notary with you during the title transfer and provide a recognized translator to translate the contract (standard in English) or in the preferred language of the buyer.

After the purchase we will arrange most registrations with the municipality for you.

We will also make sure that the utilities such as the water company, electricity and gas are switched over to the new owner.

We help our buyer to insure their home after the purchase.

We also provide optional service packages. These are discussed after purchase and separately with the new owner per house, and agreements will be made about the costs:

a- With the new building plans,
b- Rebuilding,
c- Renovation,
d- Renting out,
e- Maintenance of the house, garden, central heating, cleaning, control, etc.

We offer a complete process or a full-service approach for our clients. We work with you from the moment of the first viewing, during the purchasing process, at the transfer of title, and when arranging all necessary registrations. We have well-trained staff that understands your needs, even from a distance.

With our thorough “insider” knowledge of the Italian real estate market and the Italian legal system, you are not alone in purchasing your dream home in Tuscany.

House For Sale Tuscany collaborates with real estate agency AAA-Immobiliare S.a.s. in Arezzo. They organize all versions of the Italian contracts and check all legal aspects of the buying and selling process. They also guide the clients at the notary during the transfer together with us.

After the purchase you can continue to rely on us if you have issues with any property you buy from House For Sale Tuscany.

Curious about our approach? Feel free to contact us, so that we can help guide you through the first steps in search for the house of your dreams!

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This is what you can expect from the HouseForSaleTuscany service, with our

non-negotiable agency fee of 3.5% + 22% VAT of the purchase price, or a minimum fee of € 4500 + 22% VAT.

  • It is self-evident that a good personal conversation is essential before we start our journey together. This is mainly due to increasing efficiency in time and save costs.
  • Applying for an Italian social tax number (codice fiscale) at the local tax authorities.
  • Italian VAT number (partita IVA) in case you purchase as a company, to register with the local tax authorities.
  • Scheduling an appointment to open an Italian bank account with the buyer, to handle all your financial affairs during the buying process and later on for personal use.
  • Arranging an Italian mobile phone subscription to organize bank payments online.
  • Comprehensive guidance during the viewings in different languages, if applicable.
  • Start negotiations with the seller on your behalf, doing our best to ensure both parties will be satisfied.
  • Taking care of the bid contract “PROPOSTA D’ACQUISITO” in Italian and possibly having it translated into your language. All your wishes and conditions are included and recorded in the contract (resolutive conditions). We can translate this contract, but without the translation holding any value on behalf of the law. If you would like the contract translated officially by a certified translator, costs are involved on your behalf.
  • Organizing the “compromesso” for business purchases.
  • Having a geometra gather all building permits and check the land borders at the municipality and the land registry very thoroughly.
  • Organizing the appointment at the notary and schedule a sworn interpreter for translating the transfer contract.
  • Arranging that all documents, contracts, permits, etc. are delivered to the notary and supervising the preparation of the transfer contract together with the notary. The Notary will also find out whether mortgages, loans or debts are resting on the property.
  • Requesting and delivering the registered title deed for the new owner.

The information in this brochure and publication is compiled with the greatest care; nevertheless, no rights may be derived from this information and optional attachments. We recommend that you check with the embassy in your country for the specifications and available information regarding your plans.