One Stop Services

From start to finish, hassle-free and transparent purchasing process


  1. We arrange all necessary documents to buy a house in Italy.

  2. We arrange and guide the buyer during the buying process and the negotiations.

  3. We represent the interests of the buyer.

  4. We check everything about all the rights and obligations that rest on the property, so you as a buyer have no worries later with several owners, banks, notaries, mortgages, neighbours rights, etc.

  5. We check all permits at the municipality and the country register to ensure that there are no illegal buildings.

  6. We have clear agreements with our own Notary in Arezzo to make an extra check with every property that we sell internationally.

  7. We are the only broker that we can guarantee payment security. All payments (unlike all other brokers and sellers in the region) are arranged by us through the notary and not through all sorts of strange construction between buyer / seller / broker / …
    For example, a buyer with us is sure of all payments and that the money is safe at the notary until all documents are arranged and signed.

  8. Together with our buyer we are always present at the transfer to the notary and provide a recognized translator to translate the contract (standard in English) or in the language of the buyer.

  9. After the purchase we arrange the registration with the municipality.

  10. We take care of the transfer of the Utilities such as the water company, electricity, gas.

  11. We help our buyer to insure their home against break-ins, fire, damage, etc.

  12.  We also have service packages for later. These are discussed separately with the owner per house and appropriate agreements are made about the costs:
    a- With the new building plans,
    b- Rebuild,
    c- Renovate,
    d- Rent out,
    e- Maintenance of the house, garden, central heating, cleaning, control, etc.


We offer a complete process or a full-service approach for our clients. We work with you from the moment of the first viewing, during the purchasing process, at the transfer of title, and when arranging all necessary registrations. We have a well-trained staff that understands your needs, even from a distance.

With our thorough “insider” knowledge of the Italian property market and the Italian legal system, you are not alone in purchasing your dream home in beautiful Tuscany.

House For Sale Tuscany collaborates with real estate agency AAA-Immobiliare S.a.s. in Arezzo. They organize all contracts and check all legal aspects of the buying and selling process. They guide the clients at the notary office during the transfer of the contract.

After the purchase you can continue to rely on us if you have issues with any property you buy from House For Sale Tuscany.
Curious about our approach? Feel free to contact us, so that we can help guide you through the first steps in search for the house of your dreams!


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