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By visiting and using this website www.houseforsaletuscany.com owned by DANHOCASA you agree to be bound by this disclaimer and the conditions.

All information provided on or through this website www.houseforsaletuscany.com is of a general nature, no rights can be derived from this.

*) We are a Dutch consultancy and advisory office, specialized in guiding and advising international clients in the buying process of real estate in Europe, and we are cooperating with different related experts such as lawyers, notaries, accountants, real estate agents, contractors, etc. also in Italy.

*) Applicable law: The Dutch law is exclusively applicable to this website and disclaimer. Disputes are submitted to the competent court in the Netherlands.

*) House For Sale Tuscany undertakes and works together with different companies or agents or third-party individuals, often in different countries and international sectors in Europe or have part of the work – and payments – and invoices completed by third parties. We are not a real estate agency.

*) Provided information: You should not rely on the information by the website, brochures, emails, in the particulars or by word of mouth or in writing “information” as being factually accurate about the property, its condition, or its value.

HouseForSaleTuscany nor any joint representative has any authority to make any definitive representations about the property, and accordingly. Any information given is entirely without responsibility on the part of HouseForSaleTuscany or his representations.

All text content and sizes and figures provided are not fully final and may deviate from the official documents and may be later adapted and changed. This will not affect the price of the property and no rights can be derived from these changes later.

The property data, brochures, or any form of information, advertising, videos and offers sent by post, email, telephone or verbally transmitted are not binding agreements and do not form part of them as long as no official agreements are made by the buyers and sellers and those involved are signed.

*) Photos etc.: The photographs show only certain parts of the property as they appeared at the time they were taken. Areas, measurements, and distances are approximate only.

*) TAX: Tax may be payable in addition to the purchase price of the property according to the national or local law applicable.

*) Our minimum fee is 5% of the purchase price and start with a minimum amount of € 5,000.

*) Payment is due seven days from the date that the invoice has been issued. All Payments of our invoices must be paid on time, or we will hand them over to our lawyer and all legal fees & costs of the lawyer(s) and other authorities will have to be paid by you. And once they are dealt with by court these costs and legal consequences and penalties are also for you.

*) Disputes between buyers and sellers about prepayments, down payments between themselves or amounts paid through an agreement are settled by themselves under civil law, we do not intervene and cannot be held responsible for any liability.

*) We cannot be held liable for overdue maintenance or constructive problems in buildings or payments between parties or visible and invisible defects or external or internal defects in the buildings, nor for immovable property that remains.

*) We are not licensed or sworn translators or interpreters and sometimes we will do our best to translate as close as possible to the English/ Dutch language. Therefore, no rights can be derived from this translation. For a correct translation, we advise you to have the documents translated into your language by a recognized and sworn translation agency.

*) In case of any doubt on the part of the buyer of real-estate, we advise to have your own investigation carried out regarding the condition of the buildings, all systems present, doors and windows, construction of buildings, machinery, etc. etc.

*) In case of false advertising through the media portals, written, oral or in any other way about HouseForSaleTuscany or its representatives by anyone, HouseForSaleTuscany will report to the authorities and impose a fine of at least € 10,000 plus all financial and image damage costs caused by this false information.

*) The information contained in this email, brochure, message and through this mail infohfst@gmail.com or info@houseforsaletuscany.com or the website www.houseforsaletuscany.com and any attachments hereto and any social media accounts and publications and any other linked emails or websites are intended of a general nature and only for the personal use of the designated recipient(s) named above.

*) Upon composing and maintaining this website www.houseforsaletuscany.com acts very carefully. The sources and references have also been examined by www.houseforsaletuscany.com for reliability. Despite such care www.houseforsaletuscany.com cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness, and timeliness of the information. www.houseforsaletuscany.com expressly rejects any liability for the accuracy, completeness, timeliness of the information and the use of this website.

*) All the information offered by www.houseforsaletuscany.com on or through this website may be changed without notice. The text of this disclaimer is also subject to change without notice. www.houseforsaletuscany.com encourages you to check regularly if the offered information and the text of this disclaimer has been modified.

*) The information published on this website and any information discussed or written by telephone, email infohfst@gmail.com, WhatsApp, messenger, or any other communication or in invoices or agreements are intended of as a general nature and only for the personal use no rights can be derived from this and may not be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

*) Copyrights: All rights and copyrights on our site, like texts, images, films, advertisement, software or any other form of information are entirely the property of House for Sale Tuscany and/or her suppliers. Information by House for Sale Tuscany, regardless of the manner of its manifestation, may not be modified, copied, reproduced, transported or presented without written and registered permission from House for Sale Tuscany. A fine of €1,500 per day stands for non-compliance with this copyright, excluding all legal fees and any other form of costs.

*) Safety: Every visitor must take into account the fact that information obtained or sent through the Internet is freely accessible. House for Sale Tuscany cannot be held accountable for damage in any type of form that is caused by the sending of confidential information.

*) House For Sale Tuscany collaborates with real estate agency AAA-Immobiliare S.a.s. in Arezzo. They organize all contracts and check all legal aspects of the buying and selling process. They guide the clients at the notary office during the transfer of the contract.

*) All prices and information on this website are indicative and no rights can be derived from this website.

*) We recommend that you always to check with the embassy in your country for the specifications and available information regarding your plans to invest in a European country.

*) If you have any questions or are there any ambiguities in the above information, please feel free to contact us to discuss this personally or send us your comments/additions by email.

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The information in this brochure and publication is compiled with the greatest care; nevertheless, no rights may be derived from this information and optional attachments.