Our way of life has changed dramatically in the last few weeks. To protect everyone’s well-being, we had to rethink our daily routine and working strategy.

Our working strategy at House For Sale Tuscany has also changed: Online technology and working methods have now allowed us to put the traditional working methods aside, so that we can continue working safely, remotely and continue to realize all of your dreams.

In this specific emergency, our role is recognized as an essential activity. That is why we will soon be fully operational again and will be using new communication for the time being, and possibly also in the future. We will abide by all measures prescribed by the Ministry of Health to prevent any risk of contamination.

If you need us for the sale or purchase of your Tuscan home, to manage your home or to get your property ready for usage, we are also 100% operational for that on all digital contact channels.

Here’s how you can communicate with us even while staying at home in your home country:

1- By telephone or via a Skype call:
When you have found a home on our website and you want more information about the object, we can answer your questions by telephone or a much better alternative is video calling, via a Skype call, Zoom, or facetime. If necessary, we can clarify and discuss everything again during a next Skype call so that you can assess the whole situation after having had time to consider your dream house.
Of course, this is without further obligation. No strings attached. If you would like to make use of this method, please let us know and we can schedule your free call.

2- Viewing and live touring – LIVE SHOWING:
If you are interested in viewing a house or several houses LIVE, we will explore the possibilities to realize this working method. A very persistent issue is the internet connection throughout Italy, if the connection is not optimal, we won’t be able to realize a live tour.
If it turns out that it is possible, we will together schedule an appointment when we will realize the live viewing.
Below you find more information for buyers and sellers, from how it works to our costs.

3- Compile and sign an option contract:

What is an option contract?
An option or sales promise is a unilateral commitment by the seller, who undertakes not to sell his home to any other entity for a specified period of time. This way, the prospective buyer is being given the opportunity to consider whether or not to purchase the house with some sort of guarantee.

The term of the option can be freely determined between the parties. It is certainly advisable to include the modalities of the sale in writing in the option. For example, consider the duration of the option, the price of the house, etc.

No obligation:
The seller is not obliged to allow an option. This way, the seller temporarily limits his own rights since he is not allowed to sell to whomever he wants during the option period.
However, in many cases the prospective buyer will have to pay a sum of money to the seller if he wants to get an option on a particular property. If the option is subsequently correctly lifted by the prospective buyer, this amount will be used as an advance. If the option is not taken, the seller will keep the amount as compensation.

Capture the option:
If the prospective buyer decides to purchase the property, he must proceed to “capture” the option. In concrete terms, this means that the prospective buyer must inform the seller in writing (usually by registered post) through the broker that he wishes to purchase the property. Determining the option, finalizes the sale, after which the parties can proceed to sign the compromise.

Digital signing of the contract:
Recently, the law regulating the digital sale of a property was published. Is a bid by a prospective buyer via e-mail now binding?
Digital sales are finally regulated by law! On 20.10.2018, the law entered into force on the sale of a property through an electronic contract (Law 20.09.2018, BS 10.10.2018). Let’s see what that means for you …

Need an electronic signature?
The law provides that in order to enter into a full-fledged agreement, the e-mail must be provided with an electronic signature. You can create an account with G Suite (google) – or

May it also be a scanned signature?
Indeed. If the buyer signs a document, such as a compromise or an offer, and sends the scanned document with his signature by e-mail, this is now equal to a real electronic signature.

The information provided on this page is purely of a general knowledge nature and can in no way be regarded as conclusive professional legal advice adapted to specific or specific personal circumstances.