Purchaser costs

Are you planning to buy a home in Italy?

Which taxes should you pay?

What are the costs to the purchaser in Italy?

When buying a property there are several taxes to be considered.
They may vary according to the type of property, its condition, and its purpose; some of them modify the costs and therefore they should not be ignored.

We indicate the most common situation here:




The total purchase costs in Italy vary between 8 and 15 percent of the purchase amount. The difference is mainly whether you buy a house to inhabit permanently or as a second home.

1) Purchase proposal (bid-contract) “Proposta di Acquisto”:

The registration costs at the land registry “Agenzia delle Entrate” are between the € 450 – € 950.


2) The extra costs:

The additional costs to be paid through the notary before signing the title deed.
The notary will transfer these amounts to the relevant authorities.

• STAMP DUTY: The transfer is subject to registration tax on buildings amounted to 2% or 9%. The minimum is € 1,000.00.

This tax is between 2% and 9% on the cadastral value of the house. However, there is a minimal amount € 1,000 to be paid, regardless of the value of the property.

– In addition, if this property is your primary residence in Italy and you spend more than 6 months per year in the residence, the transfer tax will only be 2% of the cadastral value.

– If this is your second property and you are not a permanent resident, this transfer tax rises to 9% of the cadastral value.

– The cadastral value: of many Italian properties is still much lower than the actual market value, since the calculation is actually re-done when it is time for the property to be sold, and many houses have had the same owner since decades. The cadastral value is set up in the deed of sale of the property.

• VAT: If you are buying from a private seller you do not pay any VAT (4% or 10%).

• Land Registration tax: amounts to 15% (for agricultural destinations) on the registered value of the agricultural plot at the land registry. Different per property.

• Cadastral tax “Imposta catastali”: this is a cadastral tax levied at 2% of the value on the property as determined by the local tax office, is a fixed amount of € 50.00,00,

• Registration tax “Imposta di registro”: this is a registration fixed tax of € 50,00 payable on a property when changing registered ownership.

• Tax costs for other attributes “Imposta per altri tributi” : Between € 50.00 an € 200.00,

• Mortgage tax “Imposta ipotecario/ visure ipotecarie”: This is a government fixed tax of € 200.00 + VAT, that is charged on any mortgage or loan secured on a property in Italy,

• Notary fees for expenses subject “Costi notarili per spese soggette “:
This amount varies per contract and costs for expenses subject to the notary/ office. such as: between the € 300,00 and € 950,00 plus VAT:
(Tassa Archivio/ Fixed fees and stamps/ Contributo Cassa Nazionale Notariato/ Contribution of Cassa Nazionale Notariato/ Tassa consigliare/ fee to advise/ Quota assicurazione professionale Notaio/ Professional Insurance Fee Notary),

• Trust account “Costi per il deposito conto Prezzo”: The costs to transfer the purchasing amount to the trust account of the notary. The costs are 0.5% of the amount that will be transferred to the notary’s trust account plus the VAT.

• The translator: in case the buyer has insufficient knowledge of the Italian language, the presence of a sworn interpreter is compulsory. The costs for a sworn interpreter with witnesses vary and are dependent on the hourly tariff and number of hours worked. Approximate costs are €1.000 – €1.350 for translation in the English language. Depending on the language the costs could be higher. The costs for the translator must be paid on the spot in cash, so make sure to bring the approximate amount to the notary. You will receive a cash invoice from the interpreter.

• Notarial fees “Costi per onorari notarili”: legal consultancy notarial fees are between the 1% and 1,5% of the purchasing amount plus VAT. The minimum is € 1.000 plus VAT.


3) Agency fee:

The agency fee is between 3% and 4.5% of the purchasing price plus 22% VAT. More info on the 3.5% fee of our agency: CLICK HERE.


4) What are the other costs for the buyer after buying a property in Italia?

  • The costs for transferring the utilities are on average € 150 per transfer.
  • The costs for organizing the internet service are on average € 350.
  • For other services and costs click here for more information.
  • What are the annual costs of the owner: click here for more information.


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