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Casa Vacanza in Arezzo Tuscany

Beautiful Tuscan villa with private garden and parking. A large pool - magnificent position in the Chianti Hills.

Retreat centre – Wedding event – music concerts – holiday resort

Beautiful wedding venue with swimming pool. A panoramic view. Retreat centre - wedding event - music concerts - holiday resort

Villa with 7 bedrooms

A villa at the top of a Tuscan hill with lots of privacy and panoramic views.

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Latest properties

House with vineyard

In the countryside of Monte San Savino, a house with its very own vineyard.

Original Tuscan “Leopoldina”

535 sqm, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3.000 sqm garden, panoramic view, 2 km from the village.

Villa in the CHianti

Very good investment in the CHIANTI - TUSCANY – ITALY

Tuscan house Palazzo del Pero

A fantastic opportunity to realize your own dream house for a low investment in the magical “Borgo Collungo” in Tuscany.

Villa with 7 bedrooms

A villa at the top of a Tuscan hill with lots of privacy and panoramic views.

Affordable house in Tuscany

A unique opportunity to buy a house in Tuscany for a very low price. hassle-free and transparent purchasing process.


“Our homes with virtual tours have 3-times more views. All clients love it and are very happy as well about the tour and the direct communication!”

These days, sellers and their agents can provide buyers with an interactive online experience that is more immersive than pictures alone. Plus, creating a virtual tour is now easier and more affordable than ever.

In 2019 about 75% of buyers said virtual tours or videos are extremely important to their home shopping experience.

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“Our way of life has changed dramatically in the last few weeks. To protect everyone’s well-being, we had to rethink our daily routine and working strategy.”

Our working strategy at House For Sale Tuscany has also changed: Online technology and working methods have now allowed us to put the traditional working methods aside, so that we can continue working safely, remotely and continue to realize all of your dreams.

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