Are you already in possession of a house in Tuscany that you would like to sell?

Our database is spread across: Western and northern Europe, the united states, Russia and Israel.

Supervision during viewings

We offer our serious customers a free skype call to discuss their wishes

We speak English, German, Dutch, Arabic and Aramaic

The selling commission is 3.5% of the selling price, with a minimum of € 4,500.00 excluding 22% vat.

House for sale Tuscany collaborates with real estate agency AAA-Immobiliere S.a.s. In Arezzo.
You will also receive an invoice from this office in Arezzo when your property is sold.

They organize all contracts and check all legal aspects of the buying and selling process. They guide the clients at the notary office during the transfer of the contract.

Feel free to ask all your questions

Selling my house in Tuscany in Italy

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