Townhouse for sale in Foiano Della Chiana, within Centro storico.
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Townhouse Foiano Della Chiana

The townhouse is located in Foiano, a typical Tuscan village filled with incredible history and majestic – almost fairytale like streets.

The village of Foiano has an inner core with many picturesque plaza’s and restaurants, offering some of the best local delicacies such as The Ciambellino and DOC/G wines.

The townhouse with its typical yellow colouring is set within the walls of “Centro Historico”, with 2 opposed entrances to the home it is easy to find a potential parking spot on either side. To park your car next to the house you need an entrance pass from the municipality, this is reserved only for the town’s residents, keeping the town center free and clear of unnecessary traffic.

The property was passed down, from great grandparents to Nonna, from Nonna to her children. As you can imagine, the property has not been inhabited for a while, which means the home is in desperate need of restoration to return to it’s former stature of Tuscan glory.

As we examined the property we found that it was dividable into two living units, one for rent and one for personal use. This is especially possible if you divide the property into apartments, and using a portion of the roof to create a rather large terrace. A Bed and Breakfast in a town center? Sign me up!

The house could use some modernization, such as replacing the windows with double glazing, painting, better roof insulation and replacing the central heating system. This house is eligible for the Superbonus 110% which will cover most, if not all costs of doing these replacements via a grant.


The house is accessible via two streets and can easily be divided into two houses.

Recently it has been discovered that a cellar is under the house of about 20 sqm. Currently accessed through a hatch in the floor of the kitchen.

Ground floor: Large living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom large storage room.

First floor: Living room, kitchen 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.

Second floor: consists of a large room.

It is probably possible to realize a roof terrace of approximately 20 sqm.

General ameneties

Please note, this may not be the properties exact location due to security reasons.

Distances & airports

Florence -110km
Pisa -170km
Rome -220km
Venice -350km

Siena -30km
Florence -95km
Pisa -165km
Rome -190km

Additional & regional information

In 1383, control of Foiano passed from Arezzo to Florence and the inhabitants built fortified walls around the town. In 1387 the city became a free commune and the first communal statute was drafted. After the siege of the Aragonese, Foiano fell back into Florentine control and the new “heart shaped” town walls were built in 1480.

Foiano was the best defense point in the Valdichiana because it used to be surrounded on three sides by marshland. In order to access the town, the inhabitants and visitors would have to arrive by boat where it was marshy, otherwise by land into the town. The marshland existed where the Chiana river now flows. The Castle of Foiano was built on the southern side of the city and changed hands many times according to who ruled the land. Leonardo da Vinci arrived in Foiano in 1502 and began to draw up plans for the draining of the Valdichiana and also the famous map of Valdichiana. In 1525, Foiano was the first commune to give up its marshlands to the Medici for draining. It took three centuries to drain the Val di Chiana, continuing during the Lorena rule. Only when, with the fall of Siena in 1554, all the territory passed under the dominion of the Medici, a coordinated and complete plan of reclamation could be prepared. Figures like Leonardo da Vinci, Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, Baldassarre Peruzzi and Vignola were involved in the work.