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Foiano is a pretty village nestled in the Val di Chiana, characterized by excellent crops like olives and vines. In its coat of arms has a red field gold Florentine Lily, perhaps referring to the ancient name Floriano.

Foiano della Chiana’s origins are ancient, dating back to etruscan times, as testified by archaeological finds collected in various museums both nationally and internationally; but also the remains of a nymphaeum present at The Cisternella, a small town just a few minutes from the town.

Foiano was the ground before Siena, Arezzo and then in 1336 passed under the Government of Firenze. You have the Florentines the reconstruction of the city walls and the construction of the port within the swamp chianina.

The battle of Scannagallo Foiano between Florence and Siena, he tied his story with Florence; the Government doctors followed that of Lorraine and with Leopold I of Lorraine was made the reclamation of the Val di Chiana. Foiano then followed the fortunes of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany until the unification of Italy.

Foiano Carnival is in one word. The Carnival of Foiano is one of the best known and oldest in Italy, takes place annually and involves the entire village. It is an event that affects the four construction sites of the country to which correspond the majestic and impressive floats. For five consecutive Sundays Foiano in party mood and the weather is allegorical and joyful.

Typical products:
A product recalled by the same name of the village is the Chianina meat. This meat comes from Italian cattle breed in Tuscany from which we obtain the precious steak.