Very suitable for hospitality activities such as; a wedding venue, conferences, B&B, holiday accommodation, etc.
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Wedding venue – B&B

Located on the top of a Tuscan hill with panoramic views of the area.

Very suitable for hospitality activities such as a wedding venue, conferences, B&B, holiday accommodation, etc.

In the heart of Valdichiana, near Arezzo. This particular ancient residential complex is dated back to the XVI century and surrounded by a park richly planted with oaks, pines, cypress and locust trees. Over the centuries different families have succeeded the ownership of this property which have enlarged and modified its structure until reaching its present aspect.

Originally the building was only a tower house developed vertically, where the ground floor hosted stables, the main floor housed the living area and the second floor the sleeping area. Then, in 1650, the building became a farm and, a century later, a loggia and a new tower on the west side of the structure were built forming a symmetrical facade and giving the building an elegant appearance. In 1800 the tower house was enlarged becoming an exclusive villa and, in the early 1900’s, a house was built adjacent to the west tower.

Currently, the eastern part of the complex is formed by the original tower and the adjoining farmhouse which together form a single residence where the basement is occupied by cellars, the ground floor by a bathroom, a kitchen, living room and four living rooms and the first and second floor by the sleeping area.

The central part of the building consists in a loggia, formerly used as stables, in which five apartments are located.

The nineteenth-century villa, situated on the west side, is the result of the enlargement of an original nucleus that was modified in 1800 and today consists in a ground floor dedicated to the cellar and a first floor occupied by the living area with kitchen and living rooms. A double staircase connects this level with the main floor hosting the bedrooms.

The property has been closed in recent years and needs optical work on the outside, the garden and also inside. The photos are dated from years ago and provide a good impression of what it used to be.



The property consists of the main villa and the farmhouse for a total of 1760 square meters.

The villa has 15 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 3 living rooms and a kitchen, as well as ancillary rooms and technical rooms.

Another portion of the farmhouse has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 4 living rooms, lounge, professional kitchen and restaurant.

Staff apartments and bathrooms.
Currently the eastern part of the complex consists of the original tower and the adjoining farmhouse, which together form a single residence for sale, where the basement is occupied by the cellars, the ground floor by a bathroom, a kitchen and four living rooms and the first and second floor from the sleeping area.

The central part of the building, for sale in Arezzo, consists of a loggia, formerly used as stables and sheds, on which there are five apartments.

A recovery plan is foreseen in respect of the original architecture with the possibility of allocating this prestigious villa in the heart of Tuscany to multiple uses: residential, tourist-accommodation, leisure, etc.

It’s possible to create more living areas


General ameneties

Please note, this may not be the properties exact location due to security reasons.

Distances & airports

Montagnano: 1.5 km The first amenities, restaurants, cafes, supermarket, etc.
Highway: 7 km
Monte San Savino: 10 km
Arezzo: 19 km
Montepulciano: 29 km
Lake Trasimeno: 33 km
Cortona: 37 km
Siena: 42 km

Firenze FLR – Amerigo Vespucci: 99 km
Aeroporto dell’Umbria – Perugia: 75 km

Train Station – Monte San Savino: 10 km

Additional & regional information

Monte San Savino stands on the western side of the Valdichiana Aretina, opposite is Cortona and perched on a mountain overlooking the Esse valley. It’s a deeply historic village where various traces of the Etruscan civilization have been found.

Over the centuries, the town’s fate was inextricably linked with the clashes between the Guelphs and Ghibellines. The latter had the upper hand, bringing the town under Ubertini (a noble family from Arezzo) rule until 1306 when the town fell under Florentine and Guelph jurisdiction. In 1337, Monte San Savino was ruled by Perugia and then Siena, and in 1384 fell back under Florentine dominion, which sent a Podestà and vicars in order to manage justice in the town.

Monte San Savino reached the height of its splendor between the second half of the 1400s and 1500s, when the noble branch of the Ciocchi-Di Monte family blossomed here. The family was originally from Florence and its members included illustrious figures such as the cardinal Antonio, one of the most influential Renaissance cardinals, who was dear to Julius II and close to the Medici popes.

The historic game involving an oak wood cuff and a hand-stitched leather ball is much-loved by the people of Monte San Savino.

The historic town still shows traces of that golden age. The Porta Fiorentina in the Cassero is one such example, and is also home to the Cassero Museum which is dedicated to the town’s ancient ceramic traditions. Equally as striking are the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Vertighe, the small but picturesque churches of Santa Chiara, Sant’Agostino and San Giovanni. Passing through the centre you’ll come across the Palazzo Di Monte, the Logge dei Mercanti designed by Nanni di Baccio Bigio, and finally the historic Ghetto with its impressive Synagogue. 

Only a few minutes away from Monte San Savino is Marciano della Chiana, an unmissable medieval village with deeply historical roots; its Castle is absolutely breathtaking, towering over the hill immersed in the Valdichiana Aretina countryside.