Bed & Breakfast renovation project - olive groves and vineyards - 1000sqm - 2 acres - Central location, Arezzo 10 mins.
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Tuscan Bed and Breakfast – Vacation accommodation

This property is eligible for the Superbonus 110%

This is essentially a grant towards improving your properties’ energy efficiency and seismic proofing with a budget of up to € 250,000.00, which is expected to run until December 2022. It is commonly referred to as a tax Rebate, Green Incentive, Superbonus, Grant or Subsidy.

This Superbonus 110% includes but is not limited to:

Ecobonus- Improving your energy efficiency by at least 2 classes with: Thermal insulation, replacing heating systems, installing micro-generation plants, installing photovoltaic boilers and panels (Solar) double glazed windows, general renovation, roof renovation and insulation, EV charging infrastructure, and more.

Sismabonus- This is for improving the seismic risk on the building by at least one class.

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A very favourable project to create your own living-work accommodation on the Tuscan hills.

In total more than 1,000 sqm can be used for various tourist activities spread over 3 buildings.

Partly the property has already been renovated, such as a part of the roof, some floors, some exterior walls, etc.

Inside, the new owner can adapt the interior specifications to their own tastes and layout plans.

Extremely favourable price range and very good investment.

It is possible to realize a swimming pool, a private vineyard, and an olive field to produce own wine and olive oil.

The total land measures approximately 2 acres (8,000 sqm) and is partly fenced.

It is possible to buy more land from the neighbours.

The location is very central and close to several typical Tuscan villages and towns. From the A1 highway it is less than 5 minutes and to the city of Arezzo within 10 minutes.


The layout of the property is up to the new owner. For more information look at the floor plans.

An example possibility for a Bed and Breakfast or an accommodation.

In the main building:
*) It is possible to create your own living unit with a spacious living room, spacious kitchen, 4 bedrooms with bathrooms.
*) Two apartments with living room / kitchen and two spacious bedrooms with bathrooms.
*) Six apartments with a living room / kitchen and a spacious bedroom with bathroom.
*) Spacious common living room with kitchen.

Of course, it is possible to create extra doors to have the possibilities link the apartments together for more rental options.

Outbuilding 1: With pizza oven and BBQ area. Is very suitable for various activities and a small restaurant with covered terrace for guests.

Outbuilding 2: Can be used on two floors for more rental units or as a pool house, storage, and other activities.


General ameneties

Please note, this may not be the properties exact location due to security reasons.

Distances & airports

Badia al Pino: 2 km with many facilities
Highway: 4 km
Arezzo: 12 km
Siena: 40 km
Cortona: 40 km

Florence: 78 km
Pisa: 160 km
Perugia: 87 km
Bologna: 183 km
Rome: 210 km

Additional & regional information

Arezzo: Gold, antiques and much more
A City & Territory made for Slow Travel

Arezzo, located in southeaster Tuscany, clearly visible on a hilltop at the crossroads of four valleys: the Val Tiberina, Casentino, Valdarno, and Valdichiana. An important player in the history of Tuscany you will find that the area houses many artifacts, in fact, its ancient origins are verified by the stone tools and the so-called Man of the Elm who was discovered here, dating back to the Paleolithic era.

The original foundation of the city was Etruscan, Aritim, and dates from around the 9th century B.C. It quickly became one of the most pivotal centers in Tuscany, playing an important role over the centuries due to its strategic position along the Roman Via Cassia.

Arezzo boasts a wide range of sites to see including fortresses, monuments, churches, and museums which all offer visitors a chance to step back into history. There are even the remains of a Roman amphitheater!

The Church of San Francesco is probably the most famous in Arezzo, with the incredible Early Renaissance fresco cycle by Piero della Francesca depicting the Legend of the True Cross. Followed by the impressive Piazza Grande, where they hold a jousting matching twice a year. Be sure to include the newly restored Medicean Fortress, and a visit the Cathedral dedicated to San Donato, as well as the Church of San Domenico with the wooden Crucifix by Cimabue. For more ideas, take a look at our suggested itinerary for a day in Arezzo from top to bottom.

Arezzo has much to offer although it generally is not included in the main itineraries of Tuscany. It will provide its guests with an authentic view of a city in Tuscany which has maintained its traditions, its architecture, and its beauty. After you have explored the city of Arezzo, you can enjoy several day trips to the many nearby cities, like that of Cortona, Anghiari, and Poppi. For those who are curious about the talented artist, Piero della Francesca, you will absolutely enjoy following his footsteps in Arezzo. Drive along the route of the Setteponti or stop in the countryside for a wine tasting experience.