Produce and trade your own Italian Tuscan wines, or transform into a tourism business.
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Tuscan Winery Agriturismo

Wine Producing Estate

Wine is the nectar of the gods

Ancient history and flavors come together to create a rich variety of grapes and vines. Each valley of Arezzo has its own specialties.

It’s the magic ingredient that brings joy to any Tuscan table. All the strength of this land, kissed by the sun and worked by rough, wise hands for thousands of years is encapsulated in each glass. In every sip, there is a tribute to life and to its roots of this Tuscan land.

If you would like to produce and trade your own Italian Tuscan wines, and possibly also do business in tourism, this is an excellent opportunity to realise your dream.

A wonderful opportunity to acquire a young vineyard with a wine production site and centuries old property to live in in the heart of Tuscany, very close to the city of Arezzo.

The farm is being sold because the owner is 84 years old and has two daughters who cannot take care of the agricultural activity; therefore he has decided to sell everything.

With regard to the farm, I was able to obtain confirmation from the owner of the following data.

—- about the description of the mean building, and the winery building and outsides building I refer to the information on the website —-

This following information is according to the owner:

*) Total land 9 hectares / 22,24 acres

*) 3 hectares/ 7,41 acres of olive groves, arable land, and woods,

*) 6 hectares vineyard/ 14,82 acres of which:

A) 4.5 hectares/ 11,11 acres (the one near the cellar) is new and was approved in 2022,

B) 1.5 hectares/ 3,70 acres is old and is being replaced and replanted with new vines,


The type of vine chosen is only SANGIOVESE because it is compatible with the protocol of the Tuscany Region, to have the DOCG certificate. This vineyard is all DOCG.

Usually, the regional protocol allows you to make DOCG wine up to 110 quintals of grapes per hectare, the remainder will be considered as IGT wine.

When fully operational, therefore, the vineyards will produce over 700 quintals of grapes of which (6 hectares x 110 quintals) 660 quintals DOCG which will give the following quantity of hectoliters of wine (equal to 77% of 660 quintals of the quantity of grapes produced) equal to 508 hectoliters of wine which correspond to 50,800 liters of wine (one hectoliter = 100 liters) which correspond to n. 67,733 bottles (Bordeaux 0.750).

The surplus of grapes over 110 quintals per hectare are vinified as IGT and depending on the vintage, another 20-30 quintals of grapes per hectare can be obtained.

(20ql of grapes x 6 hectares = 120ql of grapes x 77% yield = 92.4 hectoliters of wine equal to 9,240 liters which is equivalent to 12,320 Bordeaux bottles of 0.75 .

Due to its age, the owner does not bottle the wine currently, but sells it directly to wineries that can market it, and taking into account that the vines will enter into perfect production between 2024 and 2025 because the vines are young, he has produced about 400 quintals of grapes which at 77% yield produced about 300 hectoliters of wine equal to 30,000 liters.—–“”

It should be noted that in Tuscany it is currently no longer possible to plant DOCG vineyards and there are currently many applications for this type of vineyards with the permits.

The price for everything, i.e. the vineyard, the farm of about 500 sqm, the second house, the winery with all machines and production materials, the olive fields and the other land,

The asking Price is € 950,000


The winery;
*) On the semi ground floor; a workshop of about 100 sqm and a large wine hall of about 300 sqm,

*) On the ground floor is a room of approximately 260 sqm which is currently used as storage, but it is intended for the sale of wines and other regional products.

The farm dates from 1800-1850:

*) On the ground floor are several areas of approximately 150 sqm. More residential units or communal areas can be created here.

*) The owners living area is on the first floor and consists of a living room, kitchen with roof terrace, three spacious bedrooms and three bathrooms. Here you can live right away and quietly start the wine activities with possibly the agriturismo activities.

A little further from the main house there is a second dated house from the 60s-70s;
*) This can be renovated or completely demolished and a new villa of approximately 200 sqm can be built according to your own taste and insight. The price of this house is € 150,000.

The attached covered area to the farm, which is now used for storage etc. is not licensed and will be removed by the seller prior to handover. and also a small storage space at the winery and part of the hall are currently not licensed.


General ameneties

Please note, this may not be the properties exact location due to security reasons.

Distances & airports

Giovi-Ponte alla Chiassa is within 6 km there are already several restaurants and cafes and for the first necessities,

To the Arezzo city historic center and the train station is 8 km away,

To Florence is about 90 km where there is also an international airport,

Additional & regional information

The whole property (farm, outbuildings, vineyard, olive groves, etc) is for sale together and can not be sold in parts.