Beautifully restored Villa with a charming little Cottage. Swimming Pool & Mini Golf course.
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Tuscan Villa & Cottage

Prestigious Tuscan Villa

Stunning views & Garden

Nestled away in the voluptuous mountains of Eastern Tuscany lies this beautifully restored Villa with a charming little Cottage.

The property is a sight to behold, with its pristine driveway you reach the home whilst by the vegetable garden, through the cypresses onto the parking square where a whole host of Tuscan characteristics await you. The property has an electronic gate,

Think of olive trees, or the panoramic view that reaches so far into the valley you could stare without ever getting bored.

A place so tranquil it’s the perfect spot for morning coffees or sunset wines, or to enjoy sun bathing at your very own pool.

Not only are the buildings renovated in such a way it retains all of its Tuscan charm, but they’re done exceptionally well. These buildings are amazing inside and out.

The property is tastefully decorated with custom made furniture, in the Rustic Italian style. The furniture is not included in the price but it may be discussed upon acquisition.

The price is Euro 800,000 non negotiable.


Onto the estate itself…

Let’s start outside the property and describe what’s going on inside this 1.2 hectare estate.

There is a large 50 sqm swimming pool surrounded by a stone terrace, which overlooks the garden onto the home. The pool has a white inner lining and is fully up to code with regulations at the time of writing this description.

The current owners made sure to create enough terraces and covered seating. Talking about enough area, there are covered parking grounds available. There is even a Mini Golf course.

Inside the estate there are approximately 20 olives trees. There is a small fruit orchard, which has matured properly and gives delicious fruit every season. The current owners also have a vegetable garden which does very well.

A fully restored cottage  is present near the principal home, which could be used as a rental accommodation, or as a guest and staff house.


Let’s continue onto the buildings…

Which share a combined surface area of 200 square meters, which is
2,153 square feet.

The main Building:

On the ground floor there is a large kitchen with pizza oven, several fireplaces, an office which connects to the primary seating area which has an almost observatorial view, a second seating area which connects to a dining room, and a small bathroom. These rooms have been restored beautifully however all the bathrooms are slightly dated.

On the first floor is the owner’s private quarters which consists of a large living room, a big master bedroom and two other bathrooms. The view onto the garden is splendid.

On the third floor is an En-suite bedroom with tiny walk in closet.

Then there’s the storage rooms and large bookshelves throughout the main building.

The Cottage:

The cottage consists of a small hallway leading into the bathroom on the first floor.

The first floor is reached via a small stairway linked directly to it’s bedroom, which has a french balcony.

The third and fourth building:

Are essentially maintenance rooms with the heating system, the pool pump and garden supplies, although a small car could be parked inside the fourth building if the outside parking is insufficient.

General ameneties

Please note, this may not be the properties exact location due to security reasons.

Distances & airports

Distances to shops, restaurants and airports:
Monterchi 3 km: cafes, restaurants and supermarket.
Città di Castello 17 km: shops, supermarkets, train station and very beautiful medieval center.
Sansepolcro 18 km.
Perugia 67 km: the capital of Umbria and there is an international airport.
Florence 119 km to the international airport.

Additional & regional information

The village of Monterchi perches proudly in the hills of the Tevere Valley, not far from the Citta di Castello and Umbria, surrounded by medieval parish churches and convents. A fundamental stop for whoever wants to retrace the life and works of the maestro Piero della Francesca, one of the Renaissance’s most important artists.

This isolated hill, probably used by a branch of some Pagan cults who worshipped Hercules, was once called Mons Herculis, and later Monterchi. The area coincides with the southernmost part of the Tuscan Valtiberina, a vast mosaic of environments that vary in shape, colour, and scent, changing depending on the season.

This is where Piero della Francesca’s masterpiece is conserved, the Renaissance fresco celebrating maternity Read the story.

What to see in Monterchi?
The historic centre still conserves its medieval appearance, even if some serious earthquakes in the 19th and 20th centuries risked its survival. The narrow streets are permeated with a sense of the past, dotted with small workshops and village cafes. Visitors can enjoy looking out from the brick parapets and the fortress’s panoramic terrace, which offers views of the surrounding countryside as far as the eye can see.

Monterchi is universally known for being one of Piero della Francesca’s homes, one of the greatest Italian painters of the 1400s. Here, inspired by his mother who was born in the town, he left his masterpiece Madonna del Parto, a fresco painted in 1459 inside the Church of Santa Maria a Momentana. A museum of the same name was opened dedicated to the painting, displaying the work in all its splendour.

Another museum worth visiting is the Museum of Scales, one of the most important collections in Europe with hundreds of copies of scales and weights. Inside the museum, an interactive educational path leads you through the discovery of historic crafts, such as the customs officer or the money changer.

The Tuscan Valtiberina is a unique and still little-known place where extraordinary and untouched nature is dotted with hermitages, churches, monasteries, and parish churches.

Two kilometres from Monterchi stands the Church of San Michele in Padonchia, of Lombard origin and restored in 1989-1990. Inside are historic architectural elements such as two gothic arches and a Romanesque stone altar from the 11th-12th centuries; on the right wall is a Madonna on a Throne with Child from the first half of the 15th century, while on the left are frescoes from the 14th-16th centuries.

The Church of San Michele Arcangelo in Pianezze is also must-see. Around 5 kilometres from Monterchi, it houses several unaltered Romanesque-style elements such as the ceiling with wooden trusses and the terracotta floor; inside there is an important 16th century fresco depicting the Madonna della Misericordia and a historic Pietà in polychrome terracotta.

For a large part of each summer, the village is brought to life by the numerous musical events of the Monterchi Festival.
Since 1973, Monterchi has held the hugely popular Polenta Festival, organised by Pro Loco. It normally takes place on the penultimate weekend of September and most of the town’s inhabitants get involved, all whilst enveloped in an atmosphere of joy and rediscovery of traditions.