Why NOW is the perfect time to buy a house in Tuscany!

At this time it would be the perfect choice to buy a house in Tuscany, Italy.
According to the latest figures, which are released by Eurostat, Italy is currently one of the European countries with the lowest real estate prices. As a result of the economic situation, there are more homes in Italy in the market. Which means that you can choose from the best houses at lower cost. So more and more people are becoming aware of this fantastic opportunity to buy a second home in Italy. So do not hesitate! Real estate prices in Tuscany will soon rise again by an average of 3%. This is the ideal time to take advantage of this wise opportunity.

Where in Italy is most advantageous to buy a house?
We are dedicated exclusively to international house hunters in Tuscany. We note a huge growth in the number of foreign buyers, thanks to this favorable combination of circumstances for their dream house in the Tuscan hills. Given the international demand for housing in beautiful Tuscany your future Italian house will rise in value the coming years.
Tuscany is the most popular region of Italy for foreigners to buy houses and rent for the holidays. The so-called golden triangle of Florence, Siena and Volterra are the most expensive rural property prices and also the most value definitely worth rising. Most holiday visitors go to Tuscany in Italy. Since there are so many British homes in Tuscany the Chianti region is also called Chiantishire. The Golden Triangle is very popular among the British, Germans, Dutch, Americans and Russians. In areas such as Lunigiana, Mugello, north of Lucca and Arezzo prices are still affordable. Many have discovered the phenomenal scenery and (still) relatively low prices. At present, many Englishmen, Russians, Germans and Americans bought in these areas.

Three reasons why it is better to buy a house in Tuscany and not in other regions:
1- Fixed Value: on average the real estate in Tuscany is 3% up.
2- Very good lettable: Given the international interest in the Tuscan attractions and surroundings.
3 Centrally located in Italy with many airports and perfect infrastructure.

And there are other lesser known areas, which gradually increase in popularity also interesting?
As you can understand, buying a property in other regions such as Le Marche, Umbria, Abruzzo and the southern regions of Italy will not cost as much as buying a house in Tuscany. However, given the wide range in these regions, the price of your house will fall rather than rise and s your home will not sell easy (virtually impossible in the future). Average selling time of an average home stands at more than 5 years. Renting holiday apartments for instance Umbria, Marche and in the south of Italy is not easy to achieve and the profit is very small.

This is due to different causes, among other things:
1-    Vacancy
2-    Large distances to the Italian attractions such as Florence, Siena, Pisa, Cortona, Lucca, Arezzo and San Gimignano.
3-    Very poor infrastructure.
4-    Little or no airports.
5-    Too long distances to reach by car, especially for west Europeans.
6-    Earthquake sensitivity
7-    Poor economic policies especially in the southern regions.