Costs when buying a house in Tuscany

What are the extra costs in Italy?
Costs to purchaser?

As you approach the end of your race to find a home, the finish line is the “closing” or “settlement.” That’s when the deal on your new home finally comes to a close and you own it. 
There are no restrictions on foreign ownership in Italy.
The final costs to you may be quite different from your purchase price.

This means in Italy an extra cost percentage of between 10 and 15% of the purchase price.

Example 1st house buying privately.
Purchase price € 100,000.00.
Land Registry value is € 60,000.00

Registration tax 9% or 2% at the Land Registry value: € 4,500 or € 1,200 ** 
Land Registry tax: € 750
Honorary notary, average 1.2 % at € 100.000  excl. 22% VAT: € 1,200
Broker costs between 3 % and 7.5 %. Average. excl. 22% VAT: € 4,500
Translating costs are differences per language. Average: € 1,000

The transfer tax is paid on the value in the land register and not the actual purchase price. This is very beneficial, because the value in the land register is about 60 % of the market value.

** The transfer-tax is 2% (with a minimum of € 1,000.00):
a- For a first home in Italy,
b- Should you buy privately,
c- Must be purchased from a private person,
d- Should have no protected title and historical heritage,
e- Your address with the municipality is registered at that address,
f- You need at least 183 days to actually live in that house.

In all other cases you pay 9 % transfer-tax (with a minimum of € 1,000.00). The most international buyers of a second property pay 9%.

House For Sale Tuscany collaborates with real estate agency AAA-Immobiliare S.a.s. in Arezzo. They organize all contracts and check all legal aspects of the buying and selling process. They guide the clients at the notary office during the transfer of the contract.

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