Cost of buying a house (real estate) in Italy

Example 1st house buying privately. Value € 100.000. The cadastral value is € 50.000

Definizione/ Description/ Omschrijving/ Definition * 2 % 9 %
Registration tax 2 or 9 % at the cadastral value € 50.000 1.000 4.500
Cadastral tax   168 168
Honorary notary excl. 22% VAT Average 2 % at € 100.000 2.000 2.000
The preliminary contract “contratto preliminare” ** NOT obligatory 2000 2000
Broker costs between 3.5 % and 4.5 % *** average 4.000 4.000

* Definizione/ Description/ Omschrijving/ Definition

The transfer tax is paid on the value in the register and not the purchase price. This is very beneficial, because the value in the register is about half of the market value.

1 - The transfer-tax is 2%:

  • For a first home in Italy,
  • Should you buy privately,
  • Must be purchased from a private person,
  • Should have no protected title and historical heritage,
  • Your address with the municipality is enrolled at that address,
  • You need at least 183 days to actually live there,

2 - In all other cases you pay 9 % transfer-tax.
3 - When you buy a new house, you pay 4% transfer tax and 22 % VAT.
4 - All other types of land (agricultural) is the transfer tax 18%.

** Transcription of the Preliminary Contract
One should always evaluate the great opportuneness of transcribing the preliminary contract at the Agenzia del Territorio Servizio di Pubblicità Immobiliare (Land Agency - Real Estate Advertising Service), stipulating said contract in a notarial deed, especially if the seller is a contractor, or a company that could go bankrupt, if a fairly long period of time will pass between the preliminary contract and the deed of sale or if the down payment is very large.
Unlike the registration, which is valid essentially for tax purposes, the transcription is aimed
at protecting the future buyer:
1 - it avoids the danger of prejudicial formalities (sale to others, mortgages, distraints...) that could be transcribed or registered before the final contract,
2 - it attributes to the future buyer a lien in the case of the bankruptcy of the seller,
3 - it blocks the challenge of antecedent transactions and the power of the receiver to opt for dissolution, when the preliminary contract has been entered “at a fair price”
We recommend highly to register the Preliminary Contract by the notary. It is not mandatory. If you do not do that (is free choice), than are all harmful consequences for you.
When you go to another notary, we unfortunately can not garantee any help that we have agreed with our notary.

*** For the above-mentioned fee by House For Sale Tuscany we provide the following services:
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Documents you need to purchase in Italy:
1 - Passport.
2 - When you are married in community of property, you must both sign and have an international wedding certificate from your country.
3 - Codice Fiscale.
4 - Bank account in Italy.
5 - It can be a problem to quickly transfer the money from countries outside the EU. So make sure you have money in your account in Italy, at least one week before signing at the notary.

Necessary documents to live in Italy for non-EU citizen
1 - Application form for an entry visa.
2 - Recent passport-size photograph.
3 - Travel document valid with a maturity of at least three months after visa.
4 - Documented and large independent economic resources, stable and regular, of which we can reasonably assume the continuity through time, from different sources of paid employment.
5 - Availability of a house eligible as a residence, owned or rent

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